Interview Skills

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Arthur Ashe

Interested in setting yourself apart from the rest of the candidate pool? In just 4 one-on-one sessions, business and interview coach, Marianne Grady can catapult you from interview to offer!

Marianne will teach you how to present yourself in an interview, highlighting your education, skills, experience and accomplishments. Don’t turn to the internet for responses to the most common interview questions, let Marianne help you develop your own story, one that is different than the rest so that YOU are the one to receive the “YOU’RE HIRED!” phone call.

interview coachingThe process begins with an “intake” interview where Marianne will ask you questions about your personal and professional history. She will create your profile and then, you will work together on the development of your unique story and responses that tie back to that profile. You will learn how to help the interviewer connect your background to the job you are going for. Mock interviews with on-the-spot feedback will improve your confidence immediately.

Finally, after your 4th meeting, you will feel be able to handle any question the interviewer throws your way. You will feel empowered and your interviewing skills will improve dramatically.


Call the coach that cares TODAY! Marianne has the knowledge and ability to bring out your best before you get the call for your next interview!