Termination Coaching

"Every employee deserves to be treated fairly, with dignity and with true empathy, especially during the termination process." Marianne Grady


One of the most stressful jobs on your managers’ plate is dealing effectively with performance issues and ultimately, terminating the employment of one of these poor performers. Termination can keep managers up at night, AND IT SHOULD!

It is a BIG decision that is fraught with potential issues, including high dollar lawsuits.

If the time comes to terminate one of your employees, there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way will ensure that exiting employees are treated with dignity and your company will be protected from potential litigation.

Option 1

Marianne can come to your company and teach your managers how to properly handle terminations.  She will guide your managers through the stressful process starting with holding employees accountable, documentation of performance issues all the way up to and including the actual termination conversation.  Marianne will enlighten your managers about best practices relating to security, how to handle pushback and how to prepare proper documentation to protect your company from lawsuits. shutterstock_181955333 As a bonus, you will receive the template Marianne developed to handle these situations.  It will become your go-to document in the future when the unfortunate topic of termination comes up. Your managers will be taught to keep calm and be truly empathetic toward the terminated employee during this perspective changing training. Learn to terminate with dignity!

Option 2

A web-based training that covers legal issues relating to wrongful termination and best practices is also available. This economical one-hour webinar costs little but can save you millions.

Treat terminated employees with empathy and dignity while helping your managers manage the process and the stress during these difficult situations by completing the box to the right and scheduling your free consultation today!